Wooster Super/Fab® FTP® 9" Roller

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Product Description

Non-matting, shed-resistant, and faster performance, Super/Fab® FTP® has everything you want in a high-production roller, and more! New HydroFlow® technology enables the cover to release paint smoothly and consistently. It makes painting easier because there's no need to go back and rework an area to get perfect coverage. The soft, proprietary fiber construction offers superior capacity and retains bounce-back for reuse. The Wooster Brush Company has been manufacturing innovative, high-performance painting tools right out of Wooster, Ohio USA since 1851.
  • Shed-resistant and high-capacity for today’s paints flat, eggshell, satin


  • Exclusive lager-colored fabric for fastest coverage, non-matting for longer life


  • Green double-thick polypropylene core resists water, solvents and cracking